Loch Arkaig Ospreys: A Window Into The World Of Ospreys With The Woodland Trust

Loch Arkaig's Ospreys: A Natural Spectacle

Witness the captivating ospreys at Loch Arkaig, set in Scotland’s stunning Caledonian pine forests. These majestic birds of prey return annually for breeding, offering a rare peek into their natural world through the Loch Arkaig Osprey Cam. Managed by The Woodland Trust, this live stream showcases the ospreys’ nesting, hunting, and chick rearing, connecting us intimately with these symbols of wilderness and conservation.

2023 Osprey Highlights

Explore the Live Osprey Cam Experience

Step into the world of wildlife with the Loch Arkaig Osprey Cameras. These live feeds, a remarkable initiative by the Woodland Trust, offer an unfiltered view of the ospreys at Loch Arkaig. From the comfort of your home, watch these majestic birds engage in their daily rituals – from skillful hunting over the loch’s waters to the tender moments of nurturing their young. The live cameras not only provide a unique educational experience but also emphasise the importance of wildlife conservation in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. 

*Please note: The Loch Arkaig Osprey Cameras may sometimes be offline due to limited sunlight affecting their solar-powered operation.

Who are The Woodland Trust?

Established in 1972, the Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, dedicated to protecting, restoring, and creating native woodlands for the benefit of wildlife and people.